Why are you crazy about Japan?

Hi, I'm Yuuki from Japan.


I noticed that we Japanese don't understand what our true value is.
I found there are so many people seeking information about Japan.

I want to know:


What part of Japan are you crazy about?
Why are you so enthusiastic about Japan?

What information is difficult for you to get?


If I could get the answers, I'll try what I can do for you.



Aug 7, 2014 5:02 PM
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It isn't so much a 'part' of Japan but the overall history and culture. While largely romantic, my interests and determination to reach Japan largely come from the great sense of wonder I get from reading the classic texts, whether old Noh plays or the poetry of Basho. Bushido, and the history of Samurai, which is steeped in discipline, loyalty, and steadfast living, are all philosophic attributes which I am partial to, particularly because my own American origins of Cowboy-based independence, and the 'Me VS the World' mentality, is something I have never associated with. Collectivism > Individualism.


But I do recognize that such thinking is nonsense in regards to contemporary Japanese culture. I know about the current state of trends in Japan, the consumer capitalist culture nearly indifferent, and perhaps even greater than, America's own. But regardless--- I still find great relief in the history of Japan, and so want to explore the nation on my own.


Difficulty information to find is the uncertain racism/xenophobia that the Japanese are described notorious as. It seems that cities are comfortable with foreigners, but that many areas outside of cities are largely racist towards any non-Japanese. I've no idea how true this is, but it's something I am concerned about. In America there is much racism between black and white people, the both of them senselessly hating each other and having large areas where the other race is violently not tolerated. I have been to both sides of this, and absolutely hate racist thinking. It is so stupid to the point of making me physically ill. I do like to believe Japan is not at American levels with such idiocy.

August 7, 2014

Thank you very much every one!


I'm very impressed you joined my discussion forum.

And I'm so glad you like Japan so much. 


On the other hand,

I found there is a misunderstandign about Japanese:


We like foreigners!


The problem is... we are not good at ENGLISH.

So we don't know how to deal with it. 


And we are afraid of talking to because we believe

you wouldn't understand our bad English.


We all are interested in Foreign cultures and languages.

We have great passion to have frineds from overseas.


Whenever we find you helpless in the city in Japan,

We really feel we want to help you.

But we are more helpless to speak to you.


If I ask Japanese people "Do you want friends from overseas?"

Almost all Japanese would say "YES". 


Thank you again for your comments!



August 8, 2014

I have many subject i'd like to discuss with japanese people but it's almost imporssible on internet. Indeed, they the least talkative people I've ever seen !

August 11, 2014

本当に?皆さんは日本の食事が好きじゃないか?I can't believe people aren't talking about food! I don't know if there is Kanji for some of these. Sorry if there is!










Which city has the best food in your opinion?

August 9, 2014

I'm learning Japanese, because it's a beautiful language. So I think I'm crazy about Japanese language! And of course, I'm interested in Japan and its culture, because it's something new to me. 


What information is difficult for you to get? 

Hmm...I don't know. There are too many resources on internet to learn about Japan and Japanese language, so I don't have difficulty. 

August 8, 2014
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