Lebanese study group?

Hey Arabic learners,

I just started to transcribe, analyse and translate the web series mamnou3! (which Michael wrote about somewhere here - I find it really helpful and interesting, so I was wondering whether others would also be interested in doing that, since there seem to be many people here learning Shami? We could take turns in understanding/analyzing the episodes or part of them and send each other our notes. Just some low-key learning activities (I also don’t have enormous amounts of time currenty), what do you think? Anyone interested? Other ideas or suggestions?

ma3assalama wa bittaufee2 fee kull she2!

Aug 7, 2014 6:41 PM
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Brilliant Idea :) Mumtaz!! I can't gurantee I'll be able to offer help all the time due to my sceduale but most certainly I can give a hand from time to time specially if you're so hard workers like this, we can discuss your transcript from time to time certainly (I am Egyptian though) . Keep up the  good work. :) 




August 11, 2014

Hi Dorothea,


I'd love to join in on this project! I've also heard about these 3 film series 

ashwak na'ema


so we have plenty to get through (maybe I'm getting ahead of myself)


Looking forward to joining you guys

August 10, 2014

this is a good idea, you can count on me. I already know a great deal about Levantine Arabic by watching a Colombian series! (well, It's actually dubbed into Levantine Arabic and it has English subtitle) but I'd rather to watch Arabic movies to learn Arabic

Btw, thanks for the link

August 9, 2014

Hi Mona, hi everybody else,

that sounds really cool although I am learning Egyptian Arabic.

Does anybody know any good Egyptian equivalents to get my teeth into?


Thanks all

October 10, 2014

Hey, this is a great idea! I've been doing this on my own, and it would be great to cooperate. If it helps, I'm about 80% through making word-for-word Lebanese dialect subtitles for the movie "The Lebanese Rocket Society", and I'd be happy to share.

September 15, 2014
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