what are the fundamentals of arabic grammer ??

Arabic grammer is of course an ocean that goes up to the highest level of the Quran, but what do you think are the essentials that one cannot do without in order to grasp a good level of arabic in reading, speaking and understanding ?



can anyone suggest any fundamental books or grammer to study ??






Aug 7, 2014 10:16 PM
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also native speaker have issues of arabic grammar
you can't found everyone know everything about grammar except who learn arabic at the university to become a professor of Arabic language. in this point you don't need to Know all the grammar that will you enter at the maze of grammar, but you only need now to learn the basic grammar and with the time you will be able to understand all grammar you need it in your life.


"You will learn about the Koran and parsing it with the time and you will discover something beautiful in the Quran every time you read the Quran"

this link for basic grammar

This torrent have a resources to learn arabic you select grammar file it's contains a collection of grammar books to download

but better to start the first book

August 8, 2014

You probably already know about the issue of diglossia in the Arabic speaking world, so your reading/writing studies and speaking studies will probably have to take slightly different tracks.  


The torrent that Sham suggest has some excellent grammar guides (be aware, of course, that spoken Arabic grammars have some marked differences).  The first link is good, too, it focuses more on Classical Arabic, however (as distinguished from Modern Standard).  MSA is certainly based on CA, and if your goal is to get a good foundation in CA then that's an excellent link, but if you're looking to get a handle on grammar so you can speak as soon as possible then you'll need to supplement with something from that torrent pack.  It all depends on your goals.  


This group over at WordReference has put together an excellent list of learning materials for Classical, Modern Standard, and Vernacular Arabic http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=63753

August 9, 2014