American English or British English? I want to learn British English now?

Hi, well as a mexican, I learned the American English, maybe some people say the English is the same in UK, well for me the pronunciation is difficult from British People, I think the most common version of the English language in Latin America is the American English, well I know Americans don't speak like the recorders that I used to listen, because on the recorders, they speak slow and with pauses, British English has a different pronunciation and I think some a little different grammar, well now I want to learn British English pronunciation. Do you think the British English is difficult for us like we learned American English?

Aug 8, 2014 4:55 AM
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In the very beginning, I thought American English is easier for me to learn because we were taught American English when we were in middle schools. American English pronunciation is far easier than British English to my knowledge probably because USA is a tremendous melting pot where a variety of peoples living and working there.  British English pronunciation is not so favourable to English beginners, well, but there is a tough problem coming along, there are a large number of slangs in American English which would frustrate you very much especially you are not living and working in USA. Far and away, you have to get used to the slangs after a long term learning. It ought to take much of your time in mastering this language.


This is  my humble opinion

August 12, 2014

Hi Olivier, many years ago I paid a tutor to teach me the British accent. If you want to do it cheaply, simply watch the British shows on YouTube or BBC. They have many different accents.


Here is a Canadian David Ley, with a quick introduction to the British accent.




Now, if you want to really speak like the British, you have to know there slang, Good Luck, you will have to buy a British Slang Dictionary for that. They have slang and rhyming slang. For example 'frog and toad'... is rhyming slang. Can you guess what that means...?

August 8, 2014

I guess the British English grammar is a little bit from the American English besides the vocabulary? is it true? well I want to learn British pronunciation but it's hard to understand why do they say like wata? and not like water, Americans tend to say t like a d so it sounds like water

August 8, 2014