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isn't it.. isn't it boring to do not talk in the discussion board? I always wonder about this topics. I thought about, what could be interested to talk about. i would really wanted to know, if there are any special traditions in your country. in my country (AUSTRIA/VORARLBERG) we burn up a witch on a huge woodpile to chase away the winter. I'm not really into this tradition..anyway, do you celebrate that too? I'm really looking forward to your responses. greetings, Tschulls.
20. März 2008 14:50
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Now my personal encounter with this ritual is something else forget everything you read in the link above, when its nice and sunny outside everyone is a fair game. Picture a bus stop right in front of the building entrance. Everyone enters the bus and just as the doors close 2 guys run out with buckets of water and poor it on who eve is unlucky enough to stand at the door. Another instance that i remember that happened in school. Our teacher had to leave the class for a moment. While she was out bunch of students rushed in with water bottles and lets just say that girls got the most of it. The teacher was horrified to see what happened while she was out, as if the monsoon went thru the classroom, the water was dripping of the sealing, window curtains, walls. It is fun to the extent and even taken to the extreme no one gets hurt. I believe Wet Monday would not work here in the states, simply because some one would get hurt or worse shot out of lack of better jugement.
22. März 2008
Here is one that is practiced around Ukraine and Poland its called wet Monday. Its little bit out of control and if god forbid weather is warm can get out of hand. Here is a link:
22. März 2008
:) this tradition sounds very nice. kind of a day where one spend the hole day with the family. I like that ;) I think nowadays one loose the sense of a tradition. I'm thinking of teenager who "make party" and drink alcohol with their friends on christmas day or on other traditional days. that really bothers me.
21. März 2008
I can't agree with you any more that it's quite boring when people won't communicate with other.So,in reward to your sharing your tradition,I'd like to talk about a tradition in my country China.There is another festival aside from the biggest one Spring Festival which is called mid-autumn festival.It is the day when the moon is plenilune and it represents reunion cause the word "round" in Chinese means "the whole family get together".Then we eat a kind of dessert named moon cake that contains all sorts of nuts like peanuts,melon seeds and beans,etc.
21. März 2008
I read that there is a difference between our tradition and the tradition in france regarding easter. In austria there is a rabbit who brings our presents. in french it's a bell. I think that's quite interesting.
20. März 2008
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