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Greek-english convertor HERE is a program veru useful for foreign students studying greek that helps them to get used to the greek alphabet, learn how to write properly and use accents and puctuation.

Its a useful tool (even for the greek people) as it can convert greek with latin characters into greek with greek characters with excellent accuracy. Of course u can also do the opposite (greek to latin).

And thats for those who cant write in greek in their keyboard so they have little chances of learning how to write properly..

Now you can convert  "Yasoo" intο" Γεια σου" and "kalinixta" into "Καληνύχτα".. Cool isnt it?
Nov 25, 2008 11:46 AM
Comments · 1 I have added this link you have recommended to our language index. Thanks Ellie. :)
November 26, 2008
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