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How do you feel at world financial crisis? Everybody talk about problems, wich are  caused by financial crisis. But how do you feel at this situation? Has your life got worse or it  didn't change? What do you do to avoid the crisis?
Nov 25, 2008 8:17 PM
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Some people said that when America sneezes, the rest of World catches a cold.
I don’t know much about Economy, but I know the capitalist system has many to do with this situation; and this is neither the first nor the last economic crisis that world will suffer. This crisis time would finish in one year, and then everybody happy ‘till the next one, because human kind always runs into the same stone.
December 6, 2008
Nothing speial in China,also. 
But the prise of  our necessites is a little bit higher than before.And it is said that the university students get employed more and more difficultly.(So I am thinking about pursuing further education.)
 Maybe there will be something mire happen in the following days,and ,who knows.~
December 5, 2008
Nothing Special in Algeria! Just our Damned responsibles who are keeping telling us, that we won't be affected by the Curse. We haven't a real economy but we are 96% dependant on Oil & gas production, and we have some 60 billions in the US banks and stuff. I really don't know what will happen but I’m waiting what next months will bring!
December 3, 2008
Thank you for your answer. There are the same problems in my country. My friend bought his car on credit, and now he must paid for it more, than it  cost  before the crisis.
I work at computer store and nowadays the selling is so bad. I hope, it will end well.
December 2, 2008
I've heard about crisis long time ago, may be 2 monthes. But at this time I didn't feel it in Russia at all. I thought I would happen somewhere in America and Europe. Right now I can notice how it influence on Russia. Price are increasing. Organisation quit their workers. I've heard that the pic will in February. I'm going graduate my University in June and probably it'll difficul to find a work with my Economic diploma. I don't know it yet. Time'll show.
November 29, 2008
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