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Shame wen i want to start english talk with somone i feel scare because im not strong language to begin the conversation how can i improve my self pls help. thanks Khaldoun
Apr 14, 2008 7:39 PM
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Let me tell you that I’ve started this the hard way: in my job, talking by phone with US customers without an English level strong enough, and usually quite a few patience at the other side. Of course, I lived a lot of funny and often embarrassing situations. Italki is way different. We all know we are learning, so nobody will laugh at you or push you to talk faster than your own pace. Keep in mind that this is all about conversation and people. If you’re talking about an interesting subject, mistakes will be overridden or kindly corrected, and everyone will enjoy talking with you, no matter what’s your English level. So be cool and don’t panic, LOL
April 18, 2008
thsi is wot we all feel thats why we are here on this site to improve our shortcomings........don't be shy in saying anything,,,if u find it difficult to say the whole thing u wanna deliver,,just use the phrases,ur msg will be delivered..u can learn from the persons u are talking to,,note down their level and the words they are using and the way they are using and try to use them in ur own conversation,,,u'll notice a change in ur language in a very few days,,,go ahead,,,best wishes
April 18, 2008
i also faced this problem in the past , just say what u wanna say , dont be nervous , dont be shy , they can understand what u mean when u express urself clearly , thats all u need to do ...
April 15, 2008
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