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is a wonderfull like to learn arabic
Nov 30, 2008 8:09 PM
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ohh dear youy are right .. but l tell you! l am so interested in the topic (Corám it self) that l preffer to read in english and understand all !  l have been lerning a lot, but not language, but religion. Your religion! and really, l care more about it then lerning any language.
December 5, 2008
السلام عليكم اخواني الاعزاء ، رجاء خاص كل باسمه ان نتعاون من اجل الحصول على اكبر عدد من المنتسبين و الله لاني لاغار عندما ارى عدد المنظميين الى المنتديات الاخرى ارجو منكن اخواني ان نستقبل اكبر عدد من المنتسبين .
December 2, 2008
Thank you very much for this information
December 2, 2008
thanks a lot.
December 1, 2008
that's great  . thx for ur good work
December 1, 2008
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