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writing : about my house This is the general description about my room.

Now, welcome to my new house, there is a bed, a desk, a chair, a dresser, a sofa, a TV set, a  telephone and some books in the room. The dresser is beside the bed. The telephone is on the dresser. The TV set is opposite the bed. The sofa is beside the TV set. Some books are on the sofa. The desk is near the window. The chair is under the desk. That’s all.

Please correct me if you find any mistake in the paragraph.
2 dic 2008 07:22
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Hi, Hisun. Actually, the comments are all correct (except for Cody's, ha ha), but mostly on style. The only three things that necessarily must be changed are:
1. the comma splice error mentioned by Syutbai;
2. change "description about my room" to "description of my room"; and
3. change "The chair is under the desk" to "the chair is at the desk" (yes, I agree with most Chinese that prepositions are quite difficult in English. But don't worry because frequent use of the language will make it easy :)
26 dicembre 2008
No mistake found.
But I suggest you describe something in a better way.
5 dicembre 2008
5 dicembre 2008
Remember: a house has several rooms. For instance, a bedroom, which may have a bed, television, desk and chair.
There is the kitchen, the living room, the dinning room, etc.

What you are describing sounds like a bedroom.

So, you can say:

Welcome to my home. Let me show you my bedroom. My bedroom has a bed, a desk and chair, a dresser, a television, a sofa, and books.  My telephone is on the dresser, which is located near my bed. The television is located across from the dresser, near the sofa. I do not have a bookshelf in my bedroom, so I like to set some of my books on the sofa. Finally, I sit on the chair that is placed next to my desk, where I write my school assignments. I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my bedroom.
4 dicembre 2008

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3 dicembre 2008
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