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What is your favorite country that you have been to? Why?  I love Hawaii. Coz Hawaii makes me relax.. And air, water, nature and all of Hawaii are beautiful! What country do you love? 
Dec 5, 2008 1:37 AM
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Yes, Its difficult for me to choose the best countries or places that i have been.. All of there are fantastic!
I'm also interested in Europe, but as you mentioned its so expensive. The only country I have been to is Germany in Europe as business trip. Its such a beautiful country. I wanna fo again!!
December 22, 2008
nnn, Sorry, I don't know about Ukraine well.. Could you pls recommend your favorite places in Ukraine?
I'm interested in and appreciate your info!
December 22, 2008
Oh, yes! I love Australia, too. Which area or places do you love in Australi?
I have been to Gold Coast, Brisbane, Cains. All of them are favorite for me!
December 22, 2008
Yeah, I love Hawaii, too! Its so beautiful! Foods are also fantastic and water is clear..
December 22, 2008
Hi, Oahu-san

I have been travelled to a few countries in Asia. It is very difficult for me to say which country I like . Every countries have their own merits. Different countries have different peoples and cultures that really fascinate me. I've thought of travel to European countries but the cost is very expensive. So,start to save money now.
December 22, 2008
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