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keyboard "po russkii" is there anybody who knows any free software to learn typing on a russian keyboard?
Feb 20, 2008 9:02 PM
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You can use www.

There a small keyboard on the corner with the Russian language and any language you want

You can also hear the word and read it in your native language or any other language

September 27, 2012
Here is the link I have for a online Russian Keyboard: and I ordered stickers for my keyboard that past over mine. They cost $14.95 US. They work great for me. Here is the link: Hope this helps!
April 7, 2008
Glawkos, I typed in Russian, inside WinWord the letters sequence like this: (font size 26) ~12345 67890 qwert yuiop´ asdfg hjklç~ ... and so on... Then I printed this DOC and hung it aside my desktop! xa xa xa ! I look at the Russian layout, (not at keyboard) and thus I succed typing Russian. очень интересно!
April 2, 2008
i need a layout so i can find the position of the russian letters...which are totally different with any other i know..
March 17, 2008
i want to ask - you need to learn type russian or add russian language?
March 13, 2008
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