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You're my life, you're my love,
You're my shining star, you're my beautiful dove,
I love you so much, you don't even know,
When I think about you my face starts to glow,
I'm so blessed to know you,
Just talking to you makes me feel less blue,
I've always wanted somebody like you in my life,
Someone who's kind, adorable, and usually very nice,
But I never stop to think,
That what God's given me could be gone in a wink,
It's never really occurred to me,
That God could easily take you away from me,
So while we're here, let's make it great,
And whatever happens, is up to fate,
Because if there's one thing in this life I know is true,
It's the simple fact, that I LOVE YOU

Dec 5, 2008 6:30 PM
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Ohh very nice poem Mrs Diana realy i love it so much
December 15, 2008
Yevgeny Yevtushenko

When your face
appeared over my crumpled life
at first I understood
only the poverty of what I have.
Then its particular light
on woods, on rivers, on the sea,
became my beginning in the coloured world
in which I had not yet had my beginning.
I am so frightened, I am so frightened,
of the unexpected sunrise finishing,
of revelations
and tears and the excitement finishing.
I don't fight it, my love is this fear,
I nourish it who can nourish nothing,
love's slipshod watchman.
Fear hems me in.
I am conscious that these minutes are short
and that the colours in my eyes will vanish
when your face sets.
December 14, 2008
could u plz translate ur poems to English
December 14, 2008
Vizma Belševica

Tu biji kails un vēju aplauzts koks,
Es - lapots tītenis ar ziliem ziedu zvaniem.
Pie stumbra rētainā, kas smalkām stīgām plok.
Nu pilni tavi zari ziediem maniem.

Nu dūc ap tevi atkal bišu spiets
Un putni ligzdo zaļo lapu ēnā.
Tu stāvu raženo pār upes dzelmi liec
Un spoguļojies ilgi vilnī rēnā.

Tev liekas, ka tu salapojis pats,
Tu gribi izrautes no manu stīgu skavām.
Dreb sāpēs tītenis un zila zieda acs
Lej asaras pār lapu rokām tavām.

Bet ciešāk vēl pie raupjā stumbra plok,
Vēl maigāk zvana ziliem ziedu zvaniem.
Es aiziet nevaru no tevis, raupjais koks,
Lai kails tu nepaliec bez lapu lokiem maniem.
December 6, 2008
Я вас любил: любовь еще, быть может,
В душе моей угасла не совсем;
Но пусть она вас больше не тревожит;
Я не хочу печалить вас ничем.
Я вас любил безмолвно, безнадежно,
То робостью, то ревностью томим;
Я вас любил так искренно, так нежно,
Как дай вам бог любимой быть другим.
December 6, 2008
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