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To speak a language properly you need to know the culture International English seems to be the target of most English language learners nowadays, but can we really manage the language to an acceptable level without the knowledge of cultural aspects?
5. Dez 2008 22:45
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Yes ,i agree with you !~when we learn a foreign  language ,we are not only for communiction but also for different ways of thinking !~such as me ,i work for Canada ,and i live in beijing ,when i work i live the culture of Canada ,and when I go back home ,i live the life style of Chinese.Different culture gives me totally different feeling ,and i enjoyed this life style very much !~
in a word ,Enghish is not only for language but also for  a different life style and a different culture for me !~

30. Dezember 2008
yeah, i agree with you .
9. Dezember 2008
 i agree with you opinion. i have a trouble to learn i come here .
6. Dezember 2008
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