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ПРИВЕТ! Давайте познокомимся! Меня завут Гордон, или "Проф" здесь на Италки. Я изучаю русский яазык дома, но я только новичок. Мой учебник -- _Teach Yourself Russian_. Я живу в Сан Франсиске, Калифорнии, где я преподаю англиский яазик. Теперь я усталый, итак я скажу "До свидания!"
Apr 18, 2008 9:28 PM
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Hello, mr.Gordon.
I am a 22 years old sutend from Russia. My major is "Process engineering" but also I do English courses.
English expands my world.
I would be very glad to talk to you via any instant messanger like:
Skype: sd1074
GoogleTalk: sd1074  [ a t ]  gmail  [ d o t ]  com
ICQ: 325 462 581
April 2, 2009
Hello, Gordon! My name is Vitaliy. I learn English just half year and nice to see so magnificent speaker in a chat. You wrote the text very well. Only 3 mistakes are in your invitation. But I understanded at all. I can help you lern a russian language, correct your mistakes ,to improve your skills. And I ask you help me to understand you as a native speaker of English and teacher. Let`s keep writing to one another using ICQ, Skype. I`ll waiting your answer.
May 10, 2008
Thanks, Baal and Solli, for your greetings! Yes, Solli, I am using other books to study Russian. I just bought Голоса, volume one, to use this summer in a Beginning Russian class at City College of San Francisco. There is a very helpful website that complements the textbook: I am now also going through _Russian Grammar_ (by the same people who wrote _Teach Yourself Russian_). I also bought a book and CDs called _Ultimate Russian_, which I have started using. Then I just ordered online several books by Terence Wade, which should be helpful. I also have the Pimsleur Russian CDs, which I used when I was studying Russian on my own (by myself) a long time ago, but I have forgotten a lot, so I am reviewing now. Since I am a professional linguist (linguistic scientist), I can usually learn foreign languages fairly easily. So I have a pretty good idea at present of the grammatical structure of written Russian. However, my knowledge of Russian vocabulary is still very weak. And my speaking and listening skills are terrible! Nevertheless, if you write me in Russian, I will be able to understand it (with the help of Babylon 7 -- an online Russian-English dictionary). :)
May 8, 2008
Привет, Гордон! I can help you in your Russian, and I need Engish Кроме упомянутой книги Вы не пробовали другие методики?
May 4, 2008
Hello, Prof. I'm Alex. I would like to help you learning Russain (it's my native language), but also i would like to learn English. I hope we can help each other.
May 3, 2008
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