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today, we must study this lesson

hello friends , today,  we must study this lesson  and I hope it's useful for you ..if we study together our studies will be good .. trust to me :)

1-**days of the week :

il lunedi  : monday.
il martedi   : Tuesday.
il mercoledi : Wednesday.
il giovedi : Thursday.
il venerdi : friday.
il sabato : Saturday.
la domenica : Sunday.

2-**interrogative pronouns

perche? = Why?
chi? = who ?
che? = what ?
dove? = where?
come? =  how?
quale? = which?
quanto? = how much?
quando? = when?
ancora? still ?
a chi ? = whom?
di chi ? =Whose?

3-**personality pronouns :

io = i.
tu = you.
esso / essa (lei) = he / she.
noi = we.
voi = you .
loro (essi / esse) = they.

4-**the colors :

bianco = white.
nero = black.
rosso = red.
rosa = pink.
arancione = orange.
blu = blue.
marrone = brown.
giallo = yellow.
verde = green.
grigio = gray.
verde scuro = dark green.


Dec 6, 2008 5:59 PM
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Thank you for this ....I hope to continue studying with you!!
May 16, 2010
Mark Mark 
April 12, 2010
How are the letters pronounced?
April 11, 2010
September 17, 2009

Pronomi personali di terza persona :
io= I
tu=  You
egli =he (when is the subject)
lui  = Formally, object pronoun, but nowadays used also as a subject pronoun.
esso =literature, only for masculine things, NEVER for people
ella =literature, when she is the subject. Nowadays is  out of use
Lei = With capital letters, is a respect pronoun, a notion estrange to English but similar to the German "Sie". It's used only with people with whom you're not familiar, either males or females.
lei = formally an object pronoun, but nowadays used also as a subject pronoun.
essa= same as esso, but feminine.
noi =we
Voi= you (many of you)
Loro (they)
and esse for "many female things" and essi for"many male things"

January 25, 2009
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