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what's the best thing that ever happened to u
Nov 20, 2014 7:03 AM
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Hello Sasa:


 There are several events that  qualify as "the best" in my life.


(1) The discovery of  Aristotle's Three Laws of Logic.

(2)  Moving entirely away  from the State of Indiania and away from all   childhood associations

and  connections.

(3)  Recovery from Alcoholism

(4)  The discovery of the disciplines of Philosophy, Theology, Law, and Science.

(5) The discovery of the Hesychasm

(6)  The  realization that  it is a mistake to live life,  trying to "be like" everyone else.

Indeed,  all the conceptions of freedom that I understand,  has its  basis on the

recognition that  all people are not the same.

(7) My family of course.



November 20, 2014

nothing great would be the instersting answer. whatever, people did say "fallen love" is their best  staff they had..... it is definitely ture that i am still not found such a girl can say only for "me too" all in all overall wish you all the luck for your "best thing".... 

November 20, 2014
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