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Your advice for a good translator ?

Hello ! I'm belgian ( I speak french ), and I'm learning English and Spanish at university, so I get a lot of vocubalury each week.

The teachers speak really quickly and sometimes I don't have the time to write all they say, so I have doubts.

Moreover, I don't know all the words used by my correspondent and I have to check somewhere few words and especially few expressions !

So, do you advise some websites you usually use ? Because Google translate or Reverso aren't reliable enough I think. ( I already have a lot of dictionnary like harraps, Robert&Collins, etc, but it takes more time and it isn't always practical for expressions )  

Thanks in advance :)



Nov 20, 2014 1:20 PM
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True, has its issues. But with a known bad translator you learn more then with a good one. I use and constantly need to cross-reference to find what I am looking for.

November 20, 2014

my correspondents *

November 20, 2014
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