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What are your topics used for speaking with new conversation friends?

Sometimes, I can hardly find the topics for chatting even speaking in Turkish. Generally I talk about sports, movies, series and places.
Which topics do you choose for new people ? Any suggestion ?

20 nov 2014 15:09
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I've just found some things on

1. An interesting place you have been to recently
2. An interesting person you have met
3. What you would like to do when you get older
4. What you would like to learn in the future
5. A frightening experience you had when you were young
6. A person you like to spend time with
7. An exciting experience you had
8. A favorite pet
9. Something you like to do when you have free time
10. A place you would like to visit in the future
11. A person you would like to meet some day
12. A person who has influenced your life
13. Something you have never done but would like to do
14. Something you have done but never want to do again
15. An experience which made you laugh
16. An experience which made you cry
17. What you would do if you had a million dollars
18. What you would do if you were President of your country
19. A gift you could give others
20. A gift you would like someone to give you
21. A special talent you have

20 november 2014

At the first time you can talk about you, about your day or about the difficulties in the language. You can ask questions and let the other person tell you about his life. 

20 november 2014

Can I know most of people will do in your country? Is that corrective? Not too personal if most of people do similar things in their own country I suppose. For example, most of Taiwanese people don't dare to challenge new subjects, such as Animation, without following up American education get along with, or other reason for politics I suppose. Is that what you would like to know actually from many countries? 


Thank you for your questions. 

21 november 2014

If you make a lot of quesions about private life, why don't you say you just want to make male friends quickly? Because I have never met any female friends to expose our private life as fast as we can in public, are you sure you will tell anyone anything about you in public places? If you cannot, why do you require other people to do so without too much protection? Or I can outline some answers for fun in public places very fast. 

21 november 2014
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