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Hi, I have been studying Chinese for a little over a year now and I mostly have learned using pinyin but now I am starting to write with characters too. Does anyone know of a software or website where I can easily write in both pinyin and Han4 zi4? I do writing assignments with my language partner and with my teacher and I want to be able to write in a mix of both as I learn the characters without having to copy and paste all the time into a word document. :D 

Nov 21, 2014 4:08 AM
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@aegis since I dont use mac, I just checked it on line, :D. I'm sure lots of people still use it but a lot say, just the original mac put in method is enough for them.

with 搜狗 and QQ, there are more additional functions, such as updating their vocabulary everyday with popular words on line, slang or lyrics. And you can always register and create an account, so you can take your typing habit with you wherever you go,  simply by logging on. (I'm starting to feel like i'm related to these companies,:D)  anyway,they are just more intelligent.

But as long as you dont use much slang and you dont have to type all day long, the original one is enough.I use the original type in method on my phone,too. Besides, some say these apps may have incompatible issues with Mac sometimes. so I guss its better for you to use the original one. For windows, these apps are highly recommended.

November 29, 2014

there are loads apps,such as 搜狗拼音输入法(sou gou pinyin shu ru fa)Or QQ拼音输入法(QQ pinyin shu ru fa),with these you can simply type Shift and can try download it on line.

November 21, 2014

Thanks for the info. Eventually I'll try those out, but right now I rarely type Chinese, so I'll continue to use the default.

November 29, 2014

@Helen - You've explained yourself well, and you really do seem to be C2 in English. But I think macs work the same way as the "fast" apps you describe. When I type chinese, I can usually type an entire sentence in pinyin, and my mac will have all the characters right. When I have to choose, the character I'm looking for is always one of the first 2 or 3 on the list, with very rare exception. So maybe windows is the only one with a crappy system. 


Do Chinese mac owners use the apps you mentioned? 

November 28, 2014

@aegis  hahaha, sorry I didn't explain it well. you speak mandarin, right? I'm just talking about windows coz I dont know about others,:D ,

you know when you are typing in chinese, you type in the Pinyin first and then you choose the right chinese characters, with the origenal one they only give you one or two options, it's slow to choose the right one.but with the programs I said, they give you more intelligent options which enables you to find the right character quickly. besides, it will memories your typing habit and the words you usally use and also correct you if you typed in the wrong pinyin.

like with "hao ma" ,the original one only give you the option 号码, and the one I said gives you 好吗,好嘛,好马,号码, four options, which you can easily choose from.

don't know if I've explained myself well, just try it and you'll know.:D

November 28, 2014
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