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looking for japanese people i can help with 4 languages

Hi! I'm Nassima
I'm looking for japanese people who want to have a language exchange.
Japanese & Tamazight
Japanese & Arabic

Japanese & French

Japanese & English
If you are interested about learn or improve your Arabic/French/Tamazight or English Let me know please!
See you soon ^^

Nov 21, 2014 9:56 PM
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Nice to meet you nassima , by the way it's nashima in japanese ^^

February 11, 2015

wow, you know many languages. I'm studying Janpanese now but i'm just a beginner.

I can't not help u now but hope u find friends can help u improve Janpanese

take care!!

December 4, 2014
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Arabic, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Berber (Tamazight)
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English, French, Japanese, Korean