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Drabble Challenge!!!! Do you dare???

I wrote this drabble called "Snow" when i was 17 years old in 2010. I was challenged by very good friend mine. I accepted her challenge so this is how it goes. Happy reading!!!!

I walked along the Richmond street, a road known for its filthy drains. The river seemed so sluggish and I felt gloomy. I took a stroll with my mom in the nearby park. I looked up to the blue sky, which contrasted with the life underneath. It was like promising me something good that day,something. My hunch kept whispering me that. The news about the prediction of snow would fall down in any minute really gave me quite a jolt. The townspeople were estatic to know that. I wonder why the snow gave us such a joy rising? But some people saw snow in different perspective. They thought snow was troublesome and troublemaker. Mr Archibald was the person who abhored the snow. He loathed the blizzard and when it got too cold, staying at home and doing nothing was the option of most people in the town. Snow. I witnessed snow as beautiful, exquisite creature. Abruptly, I started to wonder, where did the snow came from. " Hey! Come here girl. I wanted to tell you something about the snow". It was so sudden as the old man seemed to know my conscience. "You know, the snow had it own story. A thousand years ago, there was no such things like snow. Once, there was a pair of husband and wife lived by the riverbank near the yellow bush. His husband, Sean, became the breadwinner of the family. Eleanor, the wife, has the fairest complexion and everybody seemed to be completely smitten by her extraordinary beauty. Ironically, Sean was so ill-favoured person ever but they lived happily together. For that they were revered for their real, authentic, pure love between them. The rumour about Eleanor's beauty had prevailed all over the town included the King Eduard himself. The King was 'famous' for his attitude. He was atrocious,fastidious and overweening. He met Eleanor and his heart started to pit-a-pat. He knew this was the sign that he had fallen for the woman. He ordered his best men to take his dream lover away from Sean. His men did the will of the King. As the consequence, Sean died in cold blooded. Eleanor knew they were meant to be together . If one of them died, the other half would. That was the fate written for them. The King became hopeless and ran an idle life since that. He sank in great despair because he did not manage to cope with Eleanor death. After the autumn ended, the villagers expected Spring to come. Much to their surprise, teardrop-like things showered the village. The sky seemed woebegone and they said the sky was mourning. They named that thing "snor", a combination of Sean and Eleanor but as the time flew, the word took a turn for the more pleasant name to be heard, "snow". As the old man finished his story, snow really came down.

Nov 22, 2014 8:26 AM
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