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Suggest Learning Materials for Speaking and Reading Cantonese

Hi everyone interested in and who naturally speak Cantonese!


I'll be studying in Macau this January and I need to learn Cantonese. I've started studying the language through audio lessons (Pimsleur and some apple apps). So far, I only know the basic greetings. I aim to learn conversational Cantonese.


Browsing through pictures of Macau, however, I figured I also need to learn to read since most of the public signs are in Chinese characters.


Can you suggest any learning materials for either speaking and reading cantonese?

Also, any suggestions to help me distinguish among the tones? I think that's the hardest part for me. I speak Filipino and English, and in both languages, you can still be understood even if you mispronounce the words (with some exceptions, of course).


Big thanks!


23 Th11 2014 00:19
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Take classes with my Cantonese teacher, mei. I've had 10 hours so far and I can get around. Much more effective than anything else though Pimsleur is the best of a lackluster lot. 

24 tháng 11 năm 2014
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