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Elias Bel
Human rights and aliens

ok, this is a weird question, but do you think that the human rights can be applicable to the aliens ?
If we find extra-terrestrial creatures, we will have to set up an entirely new legal system, phylosophy, and all our " human sciences " would be broken down....Do you agree with this ?
Evrything we know will be undermined.

What about the human rights, are they applicable for aliens ? 

Nov 23, 2014 11:36 AM
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If you consider to whole universe and all the living creatures in it as God's creation, then all should benefit of rights. 

November 23, 2014

The question of giving or not giving them rights will only arise if humans turn out to be more powerful than the aliens who come on earth. If it is other way round, aliens will decide whether to continue with human rights or not!


In case humans turn out to be more powerful, then the decision to give rights and how much, will vary upon their needs and desires etc. as living beings.


If they are just like humans and as evolved as humans of earth, then of course they will deserve all the same rights.

November 23, 2014

Elias, remember Sting's (I'm illegal alien)?

It actually came in the same time I started to feel I'm an illegal alien on earth, therefore aliens are my extended family(,") Despite everything I see in the movies about aliens and how they imagine them, I believe they're the coolest creatures and they need protection from humans! For me I can't call an alien (it), they're humans in different shapes. But again this is just me, so don't worry, this is not a theory or something;)

November 23, 2014

I did not say like animals. That will have to be determined after analysing them and their needs, desires, etc.

November 23, 2014

Everyone deserves to have rights and in the case of aliens, their rights must be called "Alien rights" and they should be for real, so humans won't have a chance to hurt them!;)

November 23, 2014
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