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What really happened? What is History?

Do you ever think that we only take one corner from a picture? I do think so! We naively assume that we know our history! But what if there is another side, another point of view that we don’t know! Is not that possible?

Nov 23, 2014 5:25 PM
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Peachey said it at his best. The history is written by the victors. You can see this in Germany so easy. Everybody who is pro-Germany is called a Neo-Nazi. Even the German army of the 3rd Reich, the Wehrmacht, is under a lot propagandistic pressure by today’s German media. They always hide the fact, that the Wehrmacht was just an army and the crimes have been mostly done by the Schutzstaffel but not from the soldiers of the Wehrmacht.

The 2nd example is the time of the Berlin wall. Since the wall is down and West-Germany has taken over, Socialism and Communism are shown in German media as brutal, violent and being some kind of dictatorships. But strangely today Capitalism is doing exactly the same things, but you never hear any negative word in the German media about it. They also always make positive propaganda about USA and Western allies while Russia, China, Iran, North-Korea and all the other countries, that fight against Western influences, are shown as bandits in the German media. A 3rd example is the war between Israel and Palestine. During the time, when the Fatah ruled in Palestine, Israel was shown in German media as the bad guy. Since the Hamas has taken over, Palestine is the bad guy for the German media.


In Germany we have quite such a saying: "The one I eat the bread from, the ones song I sing." And honestly what I just wrote can already be seen in Germany as "political incorrect".


My advice for you is to never believe history books. History books have been written by authors and most of them have been payed by the government. I saw it myself during my school time, how extremely Communism is shown as the evil dictatorship, while the West is shown as the good guy. Do not just listen and believe to what people tell you. Make your own research, read books from the other side as well and try to find the Truth for yourself.

November 23, 2014

Written history is seldom 100% factual irrespective of whoever writes it even if the author is honest. History is always a mix of facts, views, opinions, inferences etc. of the author and of all those from whom author draws indpiration while writing it. This is the case when we assume author to be honest in approach.


Quite often written history is mixed with deliberate lies too.


History is not just about wars, so it is always not about victors or loosers. Anything related to past is part of history. And different people will understand/judge/interpret the same event or discovery etc. differently. And many parts of that event are unknown, the moment by moment information of each event is never available. So written history can never be 100% objective. There will be no way to prove one particular point of view conclusively.


And there is general tendency of humans to believe the historical point of view that makes us feel good :) So it is not just the authors who can be dishonest in writing history, the readers too are prone to show bias towards a particular point of view.

November 23, 2014

I'd say that your suggestion is more than possible - probably factual.


"History is written by the victors", so the saying goes.

November 23, 2014

at first excuse me because i'm going to talk about my nation, all of the problems that we're suffering with nowadays are because our ignorance about our own history, there's idiom say " the nation that doesn't has history, it doesn't has future", i'm sorry that we lose huge part of our history specially which cares about science " history of science" there were big scholars in our nation that they had some discovers which the recent scientist recently knew about it and there're a lot of discovers had stolen. it's really pity you find that at school they teach us faked history. i have a example about that " dictionary it' called ALAINNE created by IBEN AL HAITEM, he used hight level mathematic methode named "combinatorial calculations" to fine how many words in the arabic language " and as known that this method is belong to the postgraduate level in the universities nowadays.

November 26, 2014

"History is not just about wars, so it is always not about victors or loosers. Anything related to past is part of history. And different people will understand/judge/interpret the same event or discovery etc. differently. And many parts of that event are unknown,...etc."


 Hi Knight.  You know,  I have thought about that also.  I wonder  that some battle or war of conquest is thought upon as some significant event.  At the same time in that part of the world,  some humble farmer lives peacably  on the land,  harvests his crops and livestock,   lives with family in a home that is somewhat content;  but nobody ever regards that as an "event".  It may also have happended at the same time. That in itself, could be thought upon as a great event. The man and his family  were active, living peacefully with  his fellow man, but no record was kept of the event.

November 23, 2014
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