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Resources for learning Hebrew, Ressources pour apprendre l'hébreu, Recursos para aprender hebreo

Free Resources for Learning Hebrew Online
1. Multilingual phrasebook: (includes Hebrew, English, French, Spanish, Russian and more)
2. Free Hebrew lessons: (you can learn in a wide range of languages, includes Hebrew, English, French, Spanish, Russian and more).
3. Hebrew lessons and more:
4. Jewish Agency course in English, French, Spanish, Russian:
5. Stanford University Hebrew Course:
6. Hebrew@Stanford Multimedia:
7. Hebrew course for beginners in Hebrew:
8. Educational Television לומדים מהבית : , Go to: לשון ועברית
11. Hebrew verb conjugation:
Dictionaries, Vocabulary
1. Hebrew English Hebrew Online Dictionary:
2. Website with audio for over 20,000 words in Hebrew! (just remember that the pronunciation might change slightly depending on the word combination or the speaker) :
3. Acryonyms in Hebrew:
4. Hebrew – English vocabulary with Hebrew audio:
1. Jacob Richman’s site – there’s a ton of resources on this page:
2. Another site with a ton of resources:
3. Passing Phrase : sign up to the email list and get a Hebrew phrase explained in English every week:
4. Hebrew songs with translations:
5. Hebrew songs – Hebrew only:
6. LingQ Hebrew:
7. italki – find a Hebrew language exchange partner:
Invest in your Hebrew!
1. Jewish Agency Courses:,
2. Dictionary by roots and grammar and practice books:
3. English Hebrew dictionary by subject:
4. Hebrew-Hebrew, Hebrew-English Dictionary:


Pour les francophones, si vous avez des questions je peux essayer de vous aider en francais.

Para los hispanohablantes, si ustedes tienen preguntas, puedo tratar de ayudarles en espanol.




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