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Mark Roy
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My new online teaching introduction video


I have just released a new YouTube introduction video for my teaching services. Please click on the link below (or copy and paste it into your browser bar). If you like my video, please press like:


Thanks so much!


24 nov. 2014 06:15
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Good video. In your last video I heard you were saying "cheater" instead of "teacher" :) May be it was a slip of tongue.

I have a few remarks about this video.

1. You are coughing a few times in this video, may be you should edit the video and remove the coughing.

2. You say that you are a scientist. In your profile you state that you are Bachelor in Biology. Scientists have usually higher education than just Bachlelor (PhD etc.) and their research is published in scientific journal. Your work experience also schows that you did not perform any kind of research. If you are a scientist, then you can teach students of all levels. So I think that the word "scientist" is not appropriate. You can say that you studied science.

24 novembre 2014
Mark Roy
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