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Bárbara Reyes
Let´s talk!

Hey there! I´m looking for students who want to practice their conversation skills. 
Tell me about you, your country and culture, ask questions... let the conversation flow!
Prepare yourself a coffee, relax, and practice natural conversation in English... book a session! :)

Nov 24, 2014 11:30 PM
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I heard about the winter in Alberta, I met a chinese who studied in University of Calgary and he said that is so cold there haha


I was watching Chavo when I heard about that, I started to cry, I've been watching Chavo and Chapulin since my childhood!

December 3, 2014

When it comes to preferences, I go with a very specific branch of metal: symphonic metal, e.g. Nightwish.

December 2, 2014

Hi Barbara ! i'am Drifani , I'm student of french language education . I live in Indonesia . Did you guys ever been in Indonesia ? I live in Yogyakarta , special district and big city after Jakarta , live here its mean live in the heart of Indonesia , many puppet show and music festival here . Lost of torist come to Indonesia just to visit bali Island , most of them didn't know that bali island is part of indonesia ,thats's suck :( .i speak bahasa and fluent in english and french and now i'm learning spanish (bueno ,barbara ... me gustaria hablo espagnol contigo jaja) i wish i can meet my bf in canada next year , he live in halifax ,and we will marry soon if everything goes well . hows your life? :)

December 1, 2014

Hello Camilo! Well, you could say that you are a student on italki, because you are learning and practicing English! Which reads very well by the way.
Well, and what about you, what kind of music do you prefer?

Carlos - If you love the cold and snow then I do believe you will love Canada... I've heard the snowfalls and weather conditions, in Alberta for example, have been pretty insane.
haha yeah el Chavo del Ocho made history! Right now Mexico is in mourning because his creator just passed away a couple days ago.

Hi Seef... you really do seem fond of Brazil, I hope you can visit there sometime!

December 1, 2014

Hi guys.. I'm Seef from Egypt. I finished my medical school last year and I planning to go abroad to different countries different cultures, societies and to meet people from there. I have been studying German for 2 months now and finished A1 one week before. Here in middle East especially in Egypt we look to Brazil as a model we should be like them because they have been changed to be one of the most newer industrial country in the world. I don't really know much about the culture there but I loved the previous president DE Silva and I love you South America when you face USA :D:D before I watched a documentary film on national geographic talking about Brazil and you have amazing nature beside the Amazon of course and that big Memorial guy in Rio giniro he is a famous but I don't know who is ! if you can tell me about that..  And yes I forgot I think you should leave football world Cup for a while and give chance to other sad people in the world to win :-D I think I should think to go to Brazil but it's so far



November 27, 2014
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