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Khadijeh Karimi
"چطور میشه گفت: "مصر و ایران، صاحبان قدیمی ترین تمدن
25. Nov 2014 09:36
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Karimi, You've choosen Arabic for your discussion, but it's better to choose Farsi, so people who speak Farsi add comments or help you (,")

25. November 2014

مصر وايران دولتان مسلمتان وبينهما علاقات وتاريخ ممتد من الحضاره

14. Dezember 2016

Thank you dear Mumtaz. I thought this way I may get more exposed to Arabic. Any way, I consider your comment:) 

4. Mai 2015

مصر و ایران، اصحاب اقدم الحضارات

27. November 2014
Khadijeh Karimi
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