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How Did Life Get Its Start?

WHAT SOME SAY. Life arose spontaneously from nonliving matter.

WHY SOME PEOPLE ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH THAT ANSWER. Scientists know more about the chemistry and molecular structure of life than ever before, yet they still cannot define with certainty just what life is. A wide gulf separates nonliving matter from even the simplest living cell.

Living things are unique in the way they store and process information. Cells convey, interpret, and carry out instructions contained within their genetic code. Some scientists liken the genetic code to computer software and the chemical structure of the cell to computer hardware. But evolution cannot explain the source of the information.

Protein molecules are necessary for the function of a cell. A typical protein molecule consists of hundreds of amino acids strung together in a specific sequence. Additionally, the protein molecule must fold into a specific three-dimensional shape for it to be useful. Some scientists conclude that the odds of even one protein molecule forming spontaneously are extremely improbable. “Since a functioning cell requires thousands of different proteins,” writes physicist Paul Davies, “it is not credible to suppose they formed by chance alone.”

CONCLUSION. After decades of research in virtually all branches of science, the fact remains that life comes only from preexisting life.

Nov 25, 2014 4:47 PM
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I dislike the fact some people treat science as absolute fact. After all, we have uncertainty principle which it seems to be ignored by the people who use science for political reasons or whatever reasons. Data started to acquire since 400 or 500 years ago (I think) but they spoke about millions of years ago and people take this as the "truth". The fact is people tend to believe anything said by the science and they ignore the fact that the science may used for bad purpose. Let's just keep collecte date and try to analyes it to enhance our understanding.

November 25, 2014

Facts are frequently proven wrong. It is fact until we progress further, it seems. ^^

November 25, 2014

Great topic here ! In my opinion nobody can tell for sure how life was born but i like to see it like a run , if i am running i can't think about why i am running and i can't look back because i could be distracted and fall , so i think it's better to continue to run looking in front of you enjoying the ride ! All i want to say is that it's good to have our  own opinion about how life was born but if we can't come up with a solution we have to continue to believe in what makes us running , like scientists do , like everybody does :)

November 25, 2014
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