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How do you spend your spare time?

There are many ways to kill the time. Some people like to go out with friends, someone  would rather stay alone to read sth or play computer. As for me, I become more and more lonely since I grown up, in my leisure time I just want to watch some movies or tv programs on my air. I am afraid of  disturbing others or being disturbed by anyone sometimes. I know it's not a good lifestyle and bad for relationships, so I want to know how do u guys spend your pastime? Does anyone like me?

26 de nov de 2014 6:41
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You look so young. Try to get out there and make some friends, travel the world! Where is the boyfriend? You should enjoy now that you are young and have the commodity of time to have spare it :) . After children,  and work, not much time is left for fun things.

26 de Noviembre de 2014

what does on my air mean?

26 de Noviembre de 2014

shopping, chatting, watching movies, spend time with family, and now I'm interested in travelling, even travel alone also. Wow, there are many ways to enjoy our free time

26 de Noviembre de 2014

go out with your friends or simple is scenic walk ,you will your life better

19 de Diciembre de 2014

Oh i am tired

27 de Noviembre de 2014
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