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目前去美国学经济学专业是死路一条吗?Major in Economics = a Blind Valley?

Major in Economics = a Blind Valley? 

This morning I received a text from a college student. It is said that the School of Management, University of San Francisco will hold a promotion meeting in a five-star-hotel in Beijing this Saturday afternoon. What appealed his classmates is that the University will pay each attendant 50 RMB for listening to their report lasting 70 minutes.

I think it very fresh in Beijing, because I often heard of college students competing for going to that kind of meeting, and no one had ever been paid before. So I asked him what the report would be about. It is about the Major of Economics and Career Perspective in the America.

Obviously, most college students will go there as a part-time job instead of as a preparation for applying for that university. Do you think a student will come into a blind valley if he currently decides to major in economics in America? Hi, my dear guys! Come and share your wise ideas. Both English and Chinese are welcomed.

I would be highly appreciated if someone could correct the English part.


今天早晨我收到一条大学生的信息据说美国旧金山大学管理学院(the School of Management, University of San Francisco),本周六下午将在北京一所五星级的饭店举行一场推介会。最吸引他们同学的是,那所大学会发给每个到会者50元人民币,只要听完70分钟报告。





信(xìn)息(xī)        据(jù)说(shuō)        旧(jiù)金(jīn)山(shān)   管(guǎn)理(lǐ)        学(xué)院(yuàn)        饭(fàn)店(diàn)        举(jǔ)行(xíng)        推(tuī)介(jiè)会(huì)    吸(xī)引(yǐn)        发(fā)给(gěi)        新(xīn)鲜(xiān)        争(zhēng)着(zhe)      询(xún)问(wèn)        经(jīng)济(jì)学(xué)   专(zhuān)业(yè)      就(jiù)业(yè)        前(qián)景(jǐng)       临(lín)时(shí)的(de)    活(huó)儿(ér)

申(shēn)请(qǐng)       做(zuò)准(zhǔn)备(bèi)   目(mù)前(qián)        死(sǐ)路(lù)一(yì)条(tiáo)        高(gāo)见(jiàn)        欢(huān)迎(yíng)       哪(nǎ)位(wèi)        部(bù)分(fen)        纠(jiū)正(zhèng)      感(gǎn)激(jī)

Nov 26, 2014 7:10 AM
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Yes, I am also surprised that you could get paid for sitting in a five-star hotel to listen to a student recruitment promotion. It doesn't seem real... but maybe it is? Education is such big business nowadays.


It would be very interesting if you could report again on the talk after you have attended it.

November 26, 2014

Hi, Berneddi!


I failed to go and listen to the student recruitment promotion on Satuaday because my daughter got a fever in no time after I took her to see the movie INTERSTELLAR on the Friday night.


I just wanted to know the truth so On Monday morning I asked the college student who post ADs on Wechat if he earned the 50 Yuan. To my disappointment, he didn't attend it, either. But he told me only a few students successfully applied for the part-time job within a limited short time and most people would like to listen to the report even without the 50 Yuan.


So I was soon aware of that someone might have only spent 50 Yuan publishing a AD on Wechat for the San Francisco University! The AD on Wechat is so cheap!



December 2, 2014

Hi, Berneddi M.Ed. Engl.! 

Ok, I'll go check it. Thank you for your attention.

November 26, 2014
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