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Michael Texas
Argot Americano y Expresiones Coloquiales

Hay muchas variedades de expresiones que se hablan en los estados unidos. 

There are many varieties of expressions spoken commonly in the United States. 


Escríbeme una frase y te daré algunas maneras correctas que se puede expresar. 

Write me a phrase and I will show you a few different correct ways to express it in American slang. 



I did not like that movie.



That movie sucked. 

That movie was a fail.

That movie blew chuncks. 

That movie, wtf.

That movie was crap.

That movie was super lame.

26 de Nov de 2014 às 19:30
Comments · 9

that phrases are really funny jajajjajajjajj

13 de Dezembro de 2014

i love you like fat kid loves cake xD

13 de Dezembro de 2014

jajajajajajajajja i love you like zombies love brain jajajajaj its funny xD

13 de Dezembro de 2014


Te quiero mucho como la trucha al trucho



I love you like a fat kid loves cake
I love you like Jesus
I love you like a bee loves honey
I love you like zombies love brains

11 de Dezembro de 2014

when you love very much someone the phrase in spanish means I love you like trout(male) to trout(female) xD between fishes

10 de Dezembro de 2014
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