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Question about confusing words?

What is the difference between these two words?


Manage and Handle.



Nov 27, 2014 9:01 AM
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Tricky...but how about remembering this:  manage relates to manager as handle relates to hand

You manage a football team or employees, but you handle a dog or a garden fork!  


Ok, so you can play around with these I am sure you can come up with loads of other examples ... i.e I can't manage/handle the situation with my jealous girlfriend.  But this is the English language you are learning and for every rule, there is an exception!


But this gives you a basic idea to remember (I hope)! 








November 27, 2014

a noun that comes after. ive got a typo there.

November 27, 2014

in terms of meaning, there are many similarities. I would say some of the difference could be the  differenct collocation where two words are applied repectively. I can connect the word 'mannage' with a to-infinitive" as in "he managed to get away from his brutel step-mother, yet i coudln't say "He handled to get away  from ...." because there has to be a noun that coming after the word 'handle'. In addtion i think.....hmm... i just remembered that to mangae equals saying "to deal with sth successfully" so it has an addtional meaning (being succeed in sth).

November 27, 2014

Yes, what Julie says is correct. Here is the absolute truth: in certain usages "manage" and "handle" (the noun, not the verb) are very similar, and sometimes they are very different. Read widely to see as many examples as you can. That seems to be the best policy.

November 27, 2014
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