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natural way of learning a language

 Hi. Today a friend asked me to speak with her only in English in order to learn English because she is a starter. And I dunno how can I teach her? There are people that learn languages only from their friends but till now it is a mystery for me,how comes? How can I teach her English?I might say words that she can't understand,then should I translate the words for her or let her translate by herself or no need for translation? What about grammar rules? What is the best and quickest way,please?





Nov 27, 2014 6:01 PM
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The most natural way of learning a language is via conversation. Then practice, practice, practice. Start with easy things like colours, saying hi, introducing yourself, days of the week, etc, etc.

Then repeat, repeat, repeat. 

The more you repeat the simple conversations the better you'll get.

Don't be afraid to work on your pronunciation though. It is better to learn it correct the first time as changing your pronunciation later will be very hard.

It sounds strange but I used to repeat the same sentences and the same conversations over and over and over to learn Irish. Just having a conversation with myself. 

I was lucky enough to try my irish on people in real life situations and meet people that were not afraid to correct me constantly and help me pronunciate it correctly.

November 27, 2014
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