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How do u think about smoking bans?

As we all know, smoking is harmful to health, especially for people who didn't smoke,so maybe u will say it's right, we should do something to protect our environment and keep our children healthy, from the point of social welfare, smoking bans or alcohol bans is absolutely right, but, do u think it's fair to sacrifice the interests of the few just for the good of majority? 

Nov 28, 2014 2:46 AM
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I'm all for people destroying their own health; I think it's great! I think they should be allowed to consume any drugs they want, including nicotene. But they should not be allowed to damage other people with their drugs. Laws protecting innocent people are a good idea, and should be enforced to their full extent.

November 28, 2014

There's something that smokers don't get usually; It's the fact that non smokers smell cigarettes in a different way than smokers do. It's not only unfair that smokers hurt nonsmokers, but it's the fact that cigarrettes smell so bad, something like urine to be specific! I can't be around smokers for a long time, because I smell bad things, my face turn red and it feels as if I'm about to faint. So yes, they need to smoke in special places where they hurt no one's health. I feel sorry for smokers with all my heart & I do care for their health too, but they don't usually handle a simple advice, therefore I'm not going to give any. What's even worse here, that some people quit smoking cigarettes & start smoking Shisha as it's lighter on their lungs & their health in general! Just for everyone to know; smoking shisha for one time equals smoking 60 cigarettes!

November 28, 2014

In the Philippines, we have smoking areas designated in every place. The government understands the need and interest of few people who are smoking. But, there is always a right place to do it without compromising the health of the majority.


As for me, I do not smoke and I don't want my children to be exposed in second hand smoking as well. So, I hope that in public places there will be no one smoking. There's a proper place for that (i.e. smoking areas). ^_^

November 28, 2014

I think designated smoking areas are best. Aegis said everything I wanted to say.


It's about choice. If someone smokes, it's their choice. If they smoke around others who don't smoke, those people may have no choice.

November 28, 2014


   We  may remind ourselves that the "bans" are seldom  abolute bans.

It would perhaps be more reasonable to see theses as restrictions on public, rather than

private behavior.


   I am so much more pleased to be able to enter  a restaurant   or public place

that is not smoke-filled.


The 1999 movie, "The Insider" which starred  Russel Crowe  offers a powerful account

of the conflict between the tobacco companies and the states in America.   Jeffrey Wigand, the

real life research  chemist  portrayed  in the movie by Russell Crowe, can be regarded as one of the great heroes in American life. He broke the  rule  which said, "You don't talk"   about the facts of nicotine's addictive property.


    When restrictions began to be placed upon the Tobacco Company Advertising on  TV and in other public media,  the tobacco companies shifted their advertising campaigns to market their tobacco products to the other countries of the world, where there  were almost no restrictions on the marketing of tobacco.




November 28, 2014
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