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how do you celebrate Thanksgiving Day in your country ?

hi,everyone,i am from China,yesterday was Thanksgiving Day,In China,we don't take this day as a significant festival,but I am so curious about how everyone celebrate on Thanksgiving Day in other country ~

Let's have a joyful talk ^_^

Nov 28, 2014 3:05 AM
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Only Amerians celebrate thanksgiving. It's about when they left England and travelled to America. It's not really a happy story.

November 28, 2014

We get as much of the family together as possible, and have a big meal. This year, my son, his wife, and their two kids visited us, and we had:




--Two kinds of cranberry sauce, the smooth kind from a can that some of us like, and the lumpy kind made from scratch with cranberries and oranges and orange peel, that some of us like

--More turkey

--String beans

--Sweet potatoes with marshmallows and slices of almond on them

--More turkey


--Apple pie and pecan pie (none of us loves pumpkin pie all that much)

--Chocolate ice cream



November 28, 2014



In 1789    a  a proclamation  was  issued by President George Washington of the newly formed United States of American.  


 It proclaimed that a day of  Thanksgiving to God  was to be annually celebrated in the United States by the entire country,   under its new constitution.    At that time,  only some states followed the annual celebration, but gradually,  it became the custom  of the entire country.



November 28, 2014
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