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Task Based Language Teaching (TBLT)

Do you use TBLT in your teaching? What are the challenges and benefits of the approach?

29. Nov 2014 08:08
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With a good teacher and a motivated student, any method will work. Otherwise, any method will fail. As far as using a task-based approach in teaching foreign languages, it may be useful at times for certain students, but there are a lot of methods that work far better with a wider range of students. For most intermediate level language learners, I consider task-based "teaching" can easily be counter productive.

29. November 2014

   Tasks  can be   as extensive as school work or much lighter.  I use the much lighter.

In other words, if a student is given a  text  to read or a song to study,  I hope that they will actually

study it until the next time I practice with them.  Sometimes I ask them to read it back the following meeting, but often not.


  But a   "taskless"   practice session   does not seem very effective to me.

If progress is to be  made with the expectation that the student is eventually going to take an English language examination,  study  will need to be task oriented.

29. November 2014

Thank you Mr.phil for taking part in this discussion.

29. November 2014

Thank you Mr.Bruce. You're absolutely right. 

29. November 2014

Do you think that a task-based approach in teaching is a good approach?

29. November 2014
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