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another or other

Hello to everyone!


I would like someone to explain to me the difference between another and other?


E.g. I would like to move to other or another  city?

Nov 29, 2014 10:10 AM
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There's nothing to explain!


'Another' is simply the words 'an' and 'other' put together. It really is that simple.


The city / The other city

My city /   My other city

That city / That other city

A city/ A other city   An other city   Another city


I would like to move to another city.


December 1, 2014

In your example, if there are a lot of cities to choose from you could say, "I want to move to another city, but I don't mind which one."


If there is just one other city in your country (!) you would have to say, "I want to move to THE OTHER city."


Check out an English course book on the use of OTHER, OTHERS, THE OTHER, THE OTHERS, and ANOTHER!

November 29, 2014

"Another" is just "an other" written as one word. 


Singular indefinite: another (an other)

Singular definite: the other

Plural indefinite: other

Plural definite: the other


If "an" happens to be placed before "other", it is convention to remove the space and write them as one word. This applies regardless of whether "other" is a noun or an adjective.

November 29, 2014
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