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10 Essential tips you must want to know about Spanish (PART 2)

6. Do not expect to be perfect!

Do not force yourself to learn or speak Spanish perfectly; it will only make you feel that you fail every time you make a simple mistake. Mistakes are a common thing that happens when we all learn a new language, and of course, it may make you feel that you are temporary failing in a certain point of your learning, but always remember: practice makes perfection. I do not mean that you have to practice too much to become perfectly fluent at Spanish, but what I mean is that the more you practice and focus on your study by doing your best for it, the more you will improve your skill and be able to speak Spanish more fluently day by day. Accept the mistakes you make, learn from them, and do not freak out when you make a mistake. That is the way you will progress and will become fluent in Spanish.


7. Be like a kid

It does not mean that you have to throw food while you are eating or write the walls like a kid may do, but you should learn as a kid would do it.  Have not you noticed that kids can communicate perfectly in their specific language with a limited vocabulary and grammar? Then, start learning what a kid who speaks Spanish knows! Learn so much easy vocabulary, basic grammar rules, do not expect to learn everything perfect and express yourself in the easiest way you can. These facts will help you to have a very good basis to thereafter learn more complex vocabulary and grammar.


8. Talk to yourself in Spanish

Some people may think that taking to oneself is a madness behavior; however, there is nothing further from the truth. Talking to yourself in Spanish will help you to notice your weakness in your speaking, to leave behind your shyness about talking aloud in Spanish, and will also help you to give yourself the confidence you will need to establish any conversation in Spanish more fluently.


9. Do not hesitate when you listen to spoken Spanish

If you like to watch movies/ TV shows in Spanish, or simply keep usual conversations with Spanish native speakers, do not hesitate if you do not understand some parts of a sentence/ speech. Try to focus on the topic of each sentence, but not on each word that comes out from the Spanish speaker’s mouth that you are listening to. If you understand the main topic of a speech or the topic of each sentence in that conversation, you will be able to reply, answer a question, or just add some information by only having understood the main topic of what the person with whom you are talking says. Therefore, if you do not understand every word that you listen to in Spanish, do not worry at all. You will notice you will be able to understand more and more with the more time you practice your listening skill.


10. Do not force yourself

When you study Spanish, do not force yourself to study a certain number of words or grammar rules if you do not feel you want to work that much. Learn at your pace. If you cannot learn 10 words at once, start learning 5 words every day until you feel comfortable to add more words to learn. Or if you are studying Spanish grammar, do not try to learn 10 grammar patterns every day. Start learn a few ones (2 or 3) every time you can, but it is not necessary to do it every day if you do not want to. Finding your pace to learn will help you to learn this complex language as Spanish is, and will help you to learn in a better way as well.



To sum up, by following these 10 tips, you will be able to structure your Spanish learning/ practice in an effective way that will help you to fulfill your aims about Spanish, in order to make possible the fact of becoming fluent in it.

Keep studying Spanish and never give up!

Nov 29, 2014 4:07 PM
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November 29, 2014
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