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Searching for a native English speaker for our high intermediate Spanish/English group.

We're searching for one or two more native English speakers for our high intermediate Spanish/English group that takes place Wednesdays at 1:15 Texas time and 20:15 Spanish time.


We have just the right number of Spanish speakers so we don't need any more Spanish speakers for the group. It's not going to be a big group. All the Spanish speakers are from Spain with neutral accents and are at about the same level in their English as Tony (also from the USA) and I are in our Spanish. We can all understand a conversation in our target language as long as the other people don't talk too fast or use too many weird words or slang. We'll all miss words here and there and ask about them but we can generally follow along with the conversation. We all speak slowly enough because we know what it's like. :D I can't watch most movies in Spanish without subtitles in Spanish but I can understand our friends in the group just fine. Although we all speak a little slow in our target language we can put sentences together fluently enough that it's not too terribly painful to listen to. :) All of us so far have some "life experience" under our belts, so you'd have be a pretty sharp 20 something to fit in well.


All the Spanish speakers are from Spain because I'm trying hard to learn a Spanish accent but the Spanish speakers are all open and even interested in hearing different English accents so please don't think that you have to be from the USA. We'd just have to make sure I can understand you well first as I'm not always so great at understanding all foreign English accents. 


The group has a nice friendly dynamic so we'll choose whoever fits into that dynamic best from the responses I hopefully get here.


Thanks for reading!

Nov 29, 2014 10:42 PM
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This discussion is not showing up on the main discussion page for me to see. I can only see it through the My Discussions tab where I can see my own discussions. Can others (besides just the thumbs downer ... maybe troll?) see this discussion??? If you can see this please do write a comment, any comment, so I know that it is visible to the general community.  

November 30, 2014

I am still really confused. No responses except thumbs down. Are people upset that I'm not looking for Spanish speakers but only need English speakers, that it's not just an open group and the number of people has a cut off, that we are a group that tends to be a little older or that we are upper intermediate level? Are the people that don't like the discussion upset because they aren't good matches for the group or did I word something badly? Maybe it was my joke about not being too painful to listen to? That was really about me. I at least hope that I'm not too painful to listen to in Spanish. The Spanish speakers are delightful to listen to in English. 


Maybe it's just one troll. 


Anyway, all that matters is that we find those one or two people that would enjoy talking with us. Please feel free to contact me personally through a PM here at Italki. 

November 30, 2014

Wow, someone gave my looking for a new group member a thumbs down. I wonder why!!! Would you like to explain (whoever did that or anyone else that might have a clue) what part of the message was unappealing please? I'm very curious. If anything in it is the least bit offensive or unappealing I would very much like to try and remedy that. The idea is to be appealing and attract someone to want to come and join us. 

November 29, 2014
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