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Hello. Need your help in finding out a mistakes in my text.

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Could you possibly spend a bit of your precious time and help me to find out where in the text a mistakes are. 


The definition of Black Hole emerged in 60th years. Black holes were detected with a

quite big probability. Particularly in the middle of our Galaxy a Black Hole with a

mass about 3,5 million of Sun's mass was detected.
In the beginning was told about wormhole near Saturn. In the movie a wormhole is

defined as a Black Hole which is due to unknown circumstances allows, going through

event horizon, to get another Universe, without bumping into singularity.
To go through event horizon, not being destroyed by tidal forces, the mass of this

wormhole or Black Hole must be enormous. Naturally, such object in the area of Solar

System, has no chance to exist, because the major object, which determine the

movement of all the planets in Solar System is the Sun. If there was an object which

had a mass of million of Sun's masses so then the gravitational field of this object

would determine the behaviour of the whole Solar System and not to notice that fact

even on household level would be unreal.
The definition of event horizon was dismissed because when the object go through

event horizon there's no probability of getting the information out of that horizon.
In the movie one hour on the distant Planet equals 7 years on Earth. To make it

possible the planet has to be situated very close to event horizon of a Black Hole.

If the planet of Earth's size was existed, it would simply smashed into pices by

tidal forces.
There's a scene in a movie where an enormouse wave covers the shuttle and destroys

everything on its way. Producer of movie tried to show us a tidal wave which creates

by the Black Hole's field, so then the depth of the Sea or ocean or whatever it is

supposed to be much much much bigger, not by knees. It's impossible to creat such an

enormous wave.
Another scene when the astronaut gets into event horizon is ridiculous. There's no

probability if existing atoms and microsopical objects. The time of falling equals

10^-6 (sec) multiply by mass of a Black Hole and divide by Sun's mass. If a Black

Hole had a mass of 10 million of Sun's masses, so then observer might have 10 seconds

to live. This time equals of a "free falling". If you're gonna turn the engine on and

try to get out of this Hole, so the time of falling to Singularity will decrease. The

longer you fall the longer you live and any attempts of preventing will lead to

increasing of falling.

Nov 30, 2014 11:39 AM
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