Searching for a native English speaker for our high intermediate Spanish/English group.

We're searching for one or two more native English speakers for our high intermediate Spanish/English group that takes place Wednesdays at 1:15 Texas time and 20:15 Spanish time.


We have just the right number of Spanish speakers so we don't need any more Spanish speakers for the group. We're looking for another member who can understand a conversation in Spanish as long as the other people don't talk too fast or use too many weird words or slang. We'll all miss words or sentences here and there and ask about them but the idea is to have a group where people can generally follow along with the conversation. We all speak slowly enough because we know what it's like. :D I can't watch most movies in Spanish without subtitles in Spanish but I can understand the Spanish spoken by our friends in the group just fine.


The Spanish speakers are all interested in hearing different English accents so please don't think that you have to be from the USA. 


Thanks for reading!

Nov 30, 2014 2:09 PM
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Hi Dorothy


I am an Irish woman with a British accent.  A few days ago I arrived in Spain to practise the language for a few months.  I am not sure if I could be classed as high intermediate, possibly middle or low intermediate.  Tomorrow I move out of the hotel, which has wifi, into a flat, which does not have wifi, and I then have to navigate the complexities of Spanish smartphones, dongles and a bewildering variety of tariffs in order to continue with my Spanish lessons and chat with italki members.  If you have the patience to wait while I get organised I could perhaps join your interesting group in a week or two. 


kind regards


November 30, 2014

An Irish woman with a British accent - how interesting! The Spanish speakers I'm sure would love that because you'd probably be able to answer lots of different kind of dialect questions, but even I'd love to hear your take on different words and expressions. :D 


It sounds like you are on a fantastic adventure. I was in Spain 30 years ago and am trying to get back to where I left off with my Spanish from that learning experience. From what I hear Spain is a whole new world now and I'd love to visit it again one day. I'm a bit jealous of you. :) Since I'm in Texas though I can't wait to do a trip down south from here through Mexico and South America first. So many wishes and so little time to do it all! :D


Since you won't have wifi for a bit I guess we'll just have to check back in with each other when you do. I will send you my email address and my skype ID and then maybe we can talk on the phone to see if your level would be a good match for the group. It's hard to really know. One of the Spanish speakers taught himself and thought he was at a much lower level than he is. He does just fine with us. So let's talk when you get settled in!  

November 30, 2014

Hola "everyone"..


La idea, formato e intención es muy buena...


Felicidades y carry on!



November 30, 2014
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