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How to become fluent in Spanish in 49 days! or in 7 weeks



Ok, don't get angry I just kiddin'. It's just an experiment to see how people love "easy-quick things". If you opened the link well, probably you are one of those. But don't worry it's time to become a realistic person. Obviosly, learning a language is not a matter of days but requires a lot of practice and determination. Everyone has the talent to become fluent. So keep going and love languages. :)

Have fun!

2014年11月30日 14:18
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Ohh Gio! You gave me false hope! I just decided to learn Spanish for professional reason that's why I opened your link... Too bad! I will have to be very talented and to work hard before becoming fluent in Spanish (I don't know a word of Spanish!).


Bwahahaha! When I saw the tittle I was like...."wtfudge?" You should of seen my face. Good one you got me. 



Hi girls and thanks for your funny answers. My intention was just have fun together with you. I hope you have enjoyed as I did. By the way, what's your opinion about Lucas' comment? is it really possible and feasible being able to learn any language in months? I have my doubts.

Lucas, explain us what do you mean with "fluency and accuracy"? I mean, what is the difference for you because in my opinion being fluent means also being accurate, I think when you speak well a language means that you are able to give your point in an accuracy way, aren't you? Personally I learnt Portuguese in 4 months but I am so far to consider myself fluent in it.

I'd really like to know what is the point of view of others. Is anybody out there that learnt quickly?


Well, I really think that it is possible to learn any language, even Mandarin, in months. There are a gigantic difference between "fluency" and "accuracy". Look for the meaning of these two words and you'll understand what I am talking about.

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