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Tips for learning korean

Hi all,

I'm starting to learn korean. Right now I'm just memorizing the alphabet but I'll start with some vocabulary soon. I'd like to ask if someone can give me tips about how to learn this language. Also if you have some books or videos that may help me with that I'd appreciate if you can give me the names/links



2014年12月1日 00:55
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I know many people already suggested, but I just thought I would let you know from personal experience that the podcasts are very good. I didn't go through very many because I started Korean lessons in University soon after finding the site, but the ones I did listen to (probably the first 17 or so) prepared me for understanding some concepts that my professor would spend a long time trying to explain to the rest of the class. I plan on using the podcasts again when my semester is over so I can keep up my learning until I'm back in classes.


I also recommend using instead of google translate as I find it a lot more reliable. Naver is a Korean site, and it shows the meaning of words, their usage in normal sentences, and how they're used in idiomatic expressions. When you translate full sentences, it breaks them down really well underneath the translation as well.


Good luck!


Learn to read as soon as possible. It might take a week to learn depending upon how much time you can practice.  Don't use Romanization more than a week. It can become a very bad habit.  Hangul is designed to be simple, and it is .. very simple.


There are lots of websites I am sure, but it could be fun if you have a language partner to help you.  Use Skype and Google documents together. It will almost be as if you are both in the same classroom.


sweet and tasty

Learn Korean with Go! Billy

Koreanclass 101


Also Talk to me in Korean is also a good too!



Thanks guys! I'll check the website.

I'm watching some korean dramas in my free times, but as I still don't understand even a word I end reading the English subtitles u.u


Talk to me in Korean ( is a great place to start. There are tons of lessons. I agree with the person who said to learn to read as soon as possible. 

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