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IELTS writing task 2 New and advanced developments have come up every second in the 21 century developing world. People will not be able to work well to develop their country if they were not in a good health. Nowadays, the developed countries from the rich world spend most of their health budgets on incredibly expensive medical technology and procedures. There are some people who are against this system but I feel positive to this. I have reasons why I write so. The first opinion for this is about the machines. Every machine, expensive or less expensive, has guarantees, whether it would last for three years or more. Normally, the machines work properly longer than their guarantees. However, those machines could give wrong results. If it became so, it would not be good for both sides; patients’ and doctors’. The patients would suffer from depression if wrong results were given. The second opinion is about the citizens. If there were mistakes in those machine, the rich might go abroad to have medical treatments. This may be like giving money to the other country. Actually, the patient’s country should get this money since there are machines but no accurate. To sum up, the country with latest medical technologies can have uncountable advantages. Health education can be given by the volunteers who might, in addiction, save money for the expensive materials to be bought. For these opinions, I said I am “positive” to the developed countries spending their medical budgets on expensive medical technology and procedure.
Dec 1, 2014 5:48 AM
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Good witting skills, however I think you repeated a lot some words. For example, you said 'machinnes' a lot of times. Would be better to use synonyms or other resources as ellipsis.

December 1, 2014
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