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Jeymison Ribeiro
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Hello friends Italki know we're here on behalf of our learning in another language and so I Want to listen carefully.
I know the kind of communication writing is very important but does not compare to verbal Communication is a determining factor in fluency!
What is my idea I rent a server in (Team Speak) on my own for a test case for administrators Check how it works and the way you can help, If you get good results can therefore be used By normal users.
Very easy to use, so Staying learning much more attractive!
Can configure a server that meets our strict requirements.
Thus ending use of skype that for many it is a personal thing and facilitating so that teachers Give lessons to their students in a private room.



1. Server dedicated only to the User Italki.
2. 24 hours Online
3. We can create rules to use the service.
4. Permission to access can be granted only by moderate Italki
5. To separate the rooms well we can do for example: French / English - Spanish / English -         Russian / English.


Thank you for reading!

This is an idea that I think can help many members of italki.
I accept suggestions and clarify any question.

Dec 2, 2014 12:56 AM
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1- For have TS it's necessary pay for it, I know because I played RPG games.

2- The team of Italki always answer to support more fast they can, have a TS not mean necessaly they will be on TS. 

3- The use of Skype or another services like hangouver on google +, it's really good because we can use webcame and it's more private, we don't see all the time who enter or leave from TS, in skype people doesn't have the acess to our private adress and country where we are, what can make our connection more save from hackers because with TS people can see our I.P.  

4- "To separate the rooms well we can do for example: French / English - Spanish / English - Russian / English." The biggest purpose of italki it's that students have classes and some get partners for do language exchanges but what make the services of italki work it's the money of the lessons.

5- If you really want that you need send that to italki and that just will happen if exist more people want that idea and if the team of Italki like that. So my suggestion it's you press in "feedback & Support" and they will answer you more fast than they can, usually doens't take a lot of time in few days you have your answer. But believe don't will be easy because they removed the chat system. It's IMPOSSIBLE check all discussions in all languages everyday, there are new discussions every hour. So send a email to italki. 

6- I don't like the idea of TS in skype I can have my person account and the another for have lessons and give lessons I just need log out and if any student need send a msg because need help I don't need be online when I log in I receive the msg with TS that doens't happen.  

December 3, 2014

Jeymison, I don't think anyone from Italki usually reads the discussions. If you want Italki to know your idea I suggest that you send it directly to them by clicking on the contact button at the very bottom of the page. You can even direct them to this discussion.  



December 2, 2014



Got me moderators were present here.

December 2, 2014

Something else: There are no forums here. Is there?!

Anyways, you would have to frequently post the TeamSpeaker server information so that people are aware. What will you do to solve this? You can keep making discussions, but it's pretty much spam at that point....OR you could keep "bumping" a single post every few days/every day so that participation increases from the exposure.

December 2, 2014

This would be a great idea. I'm actually very familar with TeamSpeak, I am just concerned.


Convincing people that TeamSpeak is useful for this will take some time. Many people already have or know about Skype, and it works well.


Creating a youtube video specifically for italki members would be helpful. It is a good idea to explain the basics of the program, and how to use it.


It's essential a chat room. I know there are many users on italki who are interested in this feature, so it shouldn't be TOO hard to get a group of people started on this project.

December 2, 2014
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