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How to learn English well

I allways  to teach oneself English,but have just Little progress

Dec 2, 2014 5:00 AM
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On Italki, you can write a notebook entry.  You can write about yourself or your hobbies.  You could write about a movie, or tell a story.  English speakers can then correct your writing.  You can learn new words and new rules of grammar.


I allways always try to teach oneself myself English, but I have made just a little progress.

I always try to teach myself English, but I have made just a little progress.


If you are teaching yourself, you are doing great!  加油!

December 2, 2014

I speak German, Chinese and English on a native level (and a bit Spanish). Regardless what language you are learning. The best way to learn is to just talk to native speakers A LOT imo. 

December 2, 2014

   What   few if any,  of the teaching materials for language will tell you,  is that you must also learn   basic  Ideas as the basis for your spoken and written English.  Without a knowledge of basic Ideas and Concepts, you are just lost in a sea of words.


 I use a basic classfication system for  my knowledge, when I speak and write.

(a) Science  (b)  Philosophy  (c) Theology  (d) Law


     These are basic. You could add  History, Fine Art,   Business  and so on, but this becomes a little to extended  for some  students of a  second language although there is nothing wrong with studying these as part of your  effort.  If any of that seems frightening or intimidating to you,   it will explain  why I suggest  songs and nursery rhymes for beginning study material. The mind must be developed gradually. One must learn to walk before one can learn to run.


December 2, 2014

   When I practice with a student Engela, I will read over the words and explain meanings

and then  I will  have the student listen to the song.

Usually it can be found on YouTube.  Not all students have access to YouTube, but they can sometimes find the songs  on  video  on another website.  Sometimes I sing the song for the student.

Songs  should be repeatedly read by the student as part of their practice. The words should come easily.

That is how the student develops. It also allows for a gradual development of vocabulary.


   After that, the movie musicals  can be used.   These can be alternated with the study of short essays.

I usually have my own essays written to develop the mind of the student.

A great deal of this material can be found in my Notebook Entries.  Feel free to use it if you think it might help.

December 2, 2014


December 3, 2014
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