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have I any grammatical errors .

Power of nature, and how well or badly they can affect us.

Nature has many powers some are good & some considered a disaster for us, from long time ago humankind main issue is how to exploit or control these powers.


First of all the Sun , one of the most essential powers on the earth . sun rays hold on its folds warmth & life , how could plants grow without it ?! & how could our bodies become healthier without it?! . but this warm could be the hell itself with few higher temperature grades caused by sun storm or because earth orbit position around the sun , forests can be burned & many people can be died . these days we can generate power from sun through solar cells which can absorb its heat & rays & convert it into electricity .

Secondly the wind , from long time ago the human learnt how to get benefit from wind & its direction while sailing , some kids playing with it by paper kites & spinning flowers & what a wonderful sight when we see our country flag waving by wind . but these wind can be turned into destructive storms & havocs left behind it a lot of loses , these days we also exploit wind power to generate electricity .

At last how can we forget the water which every living body consists of it . water represent a huge scale of our earth & around 75% of our bodies , no one can live without it , the main forms of water on earth are lakes , rivers & seas . also floods are very destructive but water torrent conveying muds which useful for cultivated lands by increasing its fertility however we can revert that destruction into multiple benefits by building dams to generate electricity & storing water .

Dec 2, 2014 9:27 PM
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