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The right solution If you disagree with the current situation then what is your solution?


When negotiating the territory for Israel was already reduced and only 23% was given to the Israelis, 77% going to the Palestinians.

And then in 1948 the Israeli portion was reduced AGAIN:

Why are Palestinians never satisfied? Are they greedy?

So basically, what is your solution? Just wipe Israel off the map? I'm sure Hitler would be proud of you.
Dec 11, 2008 3:12 AM
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The solutions are here, but the political, historical and ideological differences make their application (the solutions) impossible ! It's definitly a vicious circle...
December 12, 2008
Personally I think there should be both a Palestine and Israel. And both countries should have an interconnected country. Like right now Gaza and the west bank are separated, so that has to be different. But in the old situation, Israel was broken in two. So they have to find some sort of solution to this problem. Perhaps like Jerusalem, part of the border could be co-owned (i.e. it will be neutral territory) so that people can freely pass from both sides of the country. This could create an unworkable situation though. So perhaps the best solution, but also a very difficult one, would be to move all Palestinians in Gaza to the west bank. Then the old borders of the west bank need to be restored and an area approximately the size of gaza needs to be added. This way you have two countries that aren't split up. And the Palestinians are on the west bank, next to all their fellow Palestinians who live in Jordan (which actually is Palestine already but with a different name).
December 12, 2008
What is yours ?
December 12, 2008
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